Intermediate 2 english essays for intermediate

You thought I fell of the off the edge of the earth, huh?

Intermediate 2 english essays for intermediate

Finn While you listen, think about this question: She says the symptoms would disappear if Bert went on a detox diet.

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Neil So we asked you: Does Gladys agree with the doctor? Finn And the answer is: Neil Disagree is the key word because it has the prefix dis, spelt d-i-s.

intermediate 2 english essays for intermediate

So by adding dis, we can turn a word into its opposite. So dis - agree means not to agree … Finn …and dis - respect means not having respect.

Finn So we had discomfort. If you know what the word comfort means… Neil … then you can work out what discomfort means: Finn This prefix is less common than dis,spelt d-i-s, but it also has a negative meaning — it has the idea of being bad or abnormal. Finn Other words with the prefix dys-spelt d-y-s, are dyslexia and dysfunctional.

Finn We also had the word detox, which starts with the prefix de- spelt d-e. Neil Yes, the prefix de-,spelt d-e, usually means take away or remove something … Finn So, if something is described as a detox, de-tox, it means it takes away toxins or poisons.

A detox diet could be one with just fruit and vegetables. Neil I like to detox at the end of the day with a hot bath. Finn All these prefixes have a negative meaning.

Choose the correct word. One minute the dogs were playing in the garden. Finn Well, the answer to that is b disappeared.

People who drink too much alcohol sometimes go to a clinic for a a dyspepsia b discomfort c detox. Finn The answer is c detox. Neil And number three: My daughter is having problems learning to read. Her teacher thinks she may be a disrespectful b dyslexic c dysfunctional.

Finn The answer is b dyslexic. Well done if you got them right. Neil Yes, well done.

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Join us again for more 6 Minute Vocabulary. Vocabulary points to take away detox: They sometimes are very rude to them and often totally ignore them.The intermediate essay is designed to give the examiners an indication of progress towards the final dissertation to be submitted in June and to form the basis for advice to be given to the student about how to proceed in completing the dissertation.

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This grammar section explains English grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used and there are .

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