First day of school

October Dear Parents and Students, Thank you for making our first full month of school a wonderful success. In looking forward to cooler weather fingers crossedOctober will bring about another busy month of faith filled activities and learning for our students.

First day of school

Back to School Resource Page First Day Hunt To familiarize students with the school and personnel, I take students on a hunt for a certain goodie cookies, watermelon, etc. Before school begins I hide the goodie somewhere on campus and write out clue cards.

On the first day of kindergarten we read the clues which take us around the school, into the office, the library, restrooms, playground, etc.

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As we read the clues we look for the goodie in all the places. The last clue leads us to the goodie. After the students find the treat they get to eat it. We also then create a map of the school and create a book about our hunt. Distribute a small piece of paper to each student for them to write at least one thing they think they cannot do academically.

Or bury it away somewhere in your school or classroom to pull out at the end of the year. This is an old book that none of the children have ever read, so the story is always a surprise to them.

Walter is very lazy and never pays attention in school. He ends up getting lost, and meets three frogs.

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He tries to teach the frogs what he knows, but soon realizes that he only knows the wrong answers since he did not pay attention in class. He goes back home, returns to school, and becomes a good student himself, so he can come back and teach the frogs correctly.

They add things about themselves, including their birthdays and their favorite things to do. The posters are then displayed on the wall in the classroom. Drucilla, Grade 3 Bookmarks When the children arrive on the first day of school I have a bookmark waiting for them on their desks. I ask them to make it as beautiful as possible as it will be very important to them throughout the year.

I cut a poster up and give each student a piece of the puzzle.

First day of school

Be sure to put a dot in one of the corners so that you know which side is up. The students put their name on it and decorate it. Then as a class we put the puzzle together on a bulletin board. This is great for problem solving and cooperative learning. Every year the kids love it. Cheryl Pauly Common Threads Materials: Any other student in the classroom finds a way to connect, and raises their hand.

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The student with the twine holds the end of the twine and chooses where to pass it, preference given to students who have not connected yet.

Each student who has connected holds the string and passes the ball of twine. The connections sometimes get very fun and creative, and rewinding the ball of twine shows you a thing or two about how manageable your class is! John Markealli Cover Sheets Many of the classrooms in my district are arranged in a way that groups 3 or 4 students together in individual desks.

On the first day, have the students decorate a plain manila file folder with their name and any other decorative elements that they choose. The requirements can be changed. The teacher collects the letters to put them in individual envelopes.Aug 09,  · HSE put a GoPro on a kindergartner for his first day of school.

First day of school

Here's what happened. The resulting video is a heartwarming look inside a Brooks School Elementary classroom. Online shopping for First Day of School from a great selection at Books Store.

We have great things happening lately! National Honors Society has started tutoring students on Thursdays after school, Protected Tutoring sessions with classroom teachers have been well attended, and the studnets are doing an amazing job keeping our grounds and school clean. Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records.

If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to . Books shelved as first-day-of-school: Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg, My Name Is.

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