Exegesis of ephesisns 1 15 23

From peitho; objectively, trustworthy; subjectively, trustful. A primary preposition denoting position, and instrumentality, i. A relation of rest; 'in, ' at, on, by, etc. Anointed One; the Messiah, the Christ.

Exegesis of ephesisns 1 15 23

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The Biblical Illustrator Ephesians 1: Heaven and earth united in Christ Heaven and earth are to be restored to each other as well as to Him. The knowledge of God and the sanctity which have come to us in this world of conflict and sin are to flow into the great stream of pure angelic life; and the joy, the strength, the wisdom, and the security, alike of angels and of men, will be indefinitely augmented.

As yet, we and they are like countries so remote or so estranged from each other that there has been no exchange of material or intellectual treasures. What the poverty of England would be if we had been always isolated from the rest of the human race we can hardly tell.

It is by the free intercourse of trade, and the still freer intercourse of literature, that nations become rich and wise. Sunnier skies and more luxuriant soils give us more than half our material wealth, and we send in exchange the products of our mines and the works of our industry and skill.

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From sages who speculated on the universe and human life in the very morning of civilization, from poets whose genius was developed in the ancient commonwealths of Greece, our intellectual energy has received its most vigorous inspiration; and our religious faith is refreshed by streams which had their springs in the life of ancient Jewish saints and prophets, and of Christian apostles who lived eighteen centuries ago.

What we hope for in the endless future is a still more complete participation in whatever knowledge and love of God, whatever righteousness, whatever joy, may exist in any province of the created universe.

Race is no longer to be isolated from race, or world from world. A power, a wisdom, a holiness, a rapture, of which a solitary, soul, a solitary world, would be incapable, are to be ours through the gathering together of all things in Christ.

We, for our part, shall contribute to the fulness of the universal life.

Exegesis of ephesisns 1 15 23

And they will tell us of the ancient days when no sin had cast its shadow on the universe, and of all that they have learnt in the millenniums of blessedness and purity during which they have seen the face of God.

The sanctity which is the fruit of penitence will have its own pathetic loveliness for righteous races that have never sinned; and we shall be thrilled with a new rapture by the vision of a perfect glory which has never suffered even temporary eclipse.

Their joy in their own security will be heightened by their generous delight in our rescue from sin and eternal death, and our gratitude for our deliverance will deepen in intensity as we discover that our honour and blessedness are not inferior to theirs who have never broken the eternal law of righteousness.

Our final glory will consist, not in the restoration of the solitary soul to solitary communion with God, but in the fellowship of all the blessed with the blessedness of the universe as well as with the blessedness of God.

Timely gathering of all in Christ I. God has set seasons in which He will accomplish all His will Ecclesiastes 3: As He brings things natural, spring, summer, autumn, winter, everything in season, so all the works He will do about His children, whether it be the punishing of wickedness for their sake, the delivering of His children from evil, the giving them benefits, He will bring them all forth in the fit appointed seasons.

To design times is His prerogative: He only knows the fittest seasons for the accomplishment of His plans. God, by opening the Gospel, brings us His Christ. By nature we are severed 2.

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The order in which we are gathered. All who shall be gathered to Christ are brought to Him by the Gospel. Only one gospel, and that gospel is for all.

Observe--who it is in whom we are gathered. In Christ, who-- 1. Has abolished the enmity between God and us, and so removed that which divided us; and-- 2.

He calls us, and effectually draws us home in His time. All things in Christ Jesus Christ is the fulness of The plan of redemption This is a disclosure of the magnificent and sublime design contemplated by God through means of the gospel.

The influence of that atonement to which we owe our redemption is here seen extending itself far and wide in the universe of God, and forming the grand harmonizing and uniting bond among all the objects, however various, of His goodness, mercy, and love.

Exegesis of ephesisns 1 15 23

Nay, we are perhaps here taught that its power is to be exerted and displayed in the final subjugation of all things without exception, including the reduction of sin and evil to their own place, as well as the ingathering of all that is good--under the universal sovereignty of God.

Every intelligent householder has some plan, according to which he directs all his energies and Jays out all his arrangements. His house, his farm, his estate, are managed and controlled for some definite object, and all his operations are conformed to some view or idea which he has formed for his own guidance.

Different seasons of the year and various times come round upon him, but he keeps intelligently and firmly to his ruling purpose, and is not satisfied until the result of his plan has been fully realized.

So God Himself, in the government of His whole household--the universal Father and the Lord of all--is represented as having a certain plan or economy, in accordance with which He is pleased to work through successive times, until the result He contemplates be finally attained.

What, then, is this grand result contemplated by the dispensation of the fulness of times?Chapter 1. In this chapter we have, initiativeblog.com introduction to the whole epistle, which is much the same as in others (v.

1, v. 2).II. The apostle’s thanksgivings and praises to God for his inestimable blessings bestowed on the believing Ephesians ().III.

Ephesians Bible Study, Study Two: the power of God active for every believer, Ephesians Ephesians For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, Ephesians And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, Ephesians What God Wants You To Have () Paul begins by praising the Ephesians Christians for their faith in the Lord Jesus and their love for all the saints.

They are exhibiting the vertical relationship of Christianity: .

Ephesians For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, Ephesians And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, Ephesians Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians—How to Understand It 1 Introduction Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one of the most comprehensive letters written by Paul to explain to us the nature of God and God’s great plan. Ephesians - with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of the times, that is, the summing up of all - Verse-by-Verse Commentary.

He reminds them that they have only begun their journey and I take comfort in and am encouraged by the fact that, given all of that he knows about the church in Ephesus, still he prays that Jesus will give them “a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you come to know him” (Ephesians ).

1 An Exegesis of Ephesians The Second Lesson Appointed for the Festival of the Ascension of Our Lord Introduction Of the five major festivals in the Christian Church calendar, Ascension has gotten a bum deal.

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