Evaluating the arts essay

Once we have investigated or researched the context of the painting, we can begin to appreciate the work itself. Knowing how to appreciate a painting is itself an art rather than a science.

Evaluating the arts essay

The lighting is also effectively used to indicate what Evaluating the arts essay focus of the scene is on.

During the first section, joy, the lighting was outside the house structure, creating an open and much larger area for the actors to work in. However the lighting gradually creeps closer to the house leading into the second section of fear.

Evaluating the arts essay

This deliberate effect highlights the increasing finding that childhood fears are founded and manifested at home. Projection is a further performance technology incorporated throughout the production.

One of the most effective examples involved a girl sitting in a cube hole within the structure, behind a scrim with a tinted light projected to see a silhouetted object. This was effective as it proposed an illusion of a huge centre space and drew the focus towards the shadowed image of a person.

Understanding And Evaluating The Arts Essays

Similarly the child tries to escape her fears, retreating to a smaller area, under the house, to feel superior over her problems. Projection is later used to minimize the space, as the children share scary stories, through projecting their live recorded face, lit only with a single torch, onto small screens.

This represents the engulfing fear around them being in control over them and the single light ray being too small to penetrate the overwhelming gloom. It can therefore be seen that the performance technologies integrated throughout the production, efficiently enhance the space, which provides much dramatic meaning.

Through the right use of performance technologies an appropriate and affective mood was created for each section. This combination further creates an eased, happy mood which relaxes both the audience and actors. In a later section, a light is focused on a panel of children who are interviewing a man on two issues.

Pre-recorded music of each situation is softly playing in the background, coupled with drawing being projected of the scenes being described. The light is focused on the panel and dimly lights the interrogated man, separating the children and adult, providing the children with superiority and control over the situation.

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The combination of lighting, music and images work together to create suspense, provide the audience with context, and arose certain feelings such as angry towards the issue being dealt with.

Suspense is further evoked when the girl under the house again, behind the scrim, and common nightmares of children are projected onto the screen followed with flames. Budd not to be exposed to the guarded truths, mercilessly expressed and enhanced through the use of the performance technology.

The performance technology involved allows the audience to interact with childhood and to be exposed to the harsh reality of what it has become today.

Further accompanied by the innovative and manipulative use of space and mood, it was quite successful in enriching the dramatic significance of the production. Choose Type of service. · Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (), expressing the author's imaginative, conceptual idea, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

In their most general form these activities include the production of works of art, the criticism of art, the study of the history of art, and the aesthetic Creative art and fine art · History · Forms, genres, media, and styles · Purposeinitiativeblog.com  · The essay then extends the argument of benefits from the individual to “society as a whole,” noting that college “harbors critical thought,” and that those with a initiativeblog.com  · CriterionSM Online Essay Evaluation: An Application for Automated Evaluation of Student Essays Jill Burstein Educational Testing Service Rosedale Road, 18E Princeton, NJ initiativeblog.com  · Quick Guide to an Evaluation Essay.

Contributor: UWC Staff. Ever read a restaurant review or movie review? These types of reviews are evaluations of the business, products, and/or services.

When evaluating, writers should consider the following Quick Guide to an Evaluation Essaryinitiativeblog.com In a general. and less indignant return on the capable affair.

Evaluating the arts essay

art is defined as the consequence of originative human activity composed of the political orientation. opinons and peculiar persuasions of the creative person or single making initiativeblog.com://initiativeblog.com Below is an essay on "Art evaluation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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