Current affairs of pakistan 2014 essay help

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Current affairs of pakistan 2014 essay help

Economic growth and social development should go side-by-side! The economic problems of Pakistan have seriously jeopardized the very foundations of its polity. Due to dismal economic performance over the year, the socio-political and institutional development of the Pakistan society have been stalled and the security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state are mortgaged at international lending institutions.

The low economic growth rate is not just a game of numbers, it has serious repercussions for human development. Dismal economic growth signifies that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening; millions are going jobless, unemployment is rising, inflation is sky rocketing, provisions of health and educational facilities are few and far between and every year millions more are pushed below the poverty-line.

Successive governments have failed to formulate a viable and pro-poor economic growth model. The fatal fault-lines in the economic framework have hampered the sustainable economic recovery. The sluggish economic outlook is characterized by a number of factors.

They include inter alia slow economic growth, decline in Foreign Direct Investment FDItrade deficit, de-industrialization, energy crises, political instability, unemployment, development, increasing public debt, devaluation of rupee, corruption, bad governance and security situation etc.

The present regime has miserably failed to improve any of the sectors responsible for the economic hardships of the nation.

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At the moment our economic system is standing at the verge of collapse. In the coming pages, we will try to explore the causes of economic problems; their effects on the socio-political landscape of the country and finally discuss same suggestions to salvage the economic recovery.

The growth rate of about 3.

current affairs of pakistan 2014 essay help

The government in its budget scheme projected the growth rate at 4. The low economic performance leads to wide-spread unemployment, poverty, malnutrition, inflation etc. About one million young people enter the labour force of the country every year, to absorb such a huge proposition of unemployment youth in jobs, we need to have at least 7 percent economic growth rate for at least five years.

The current trend, however, is just compounding the joblessness and pushing millions move into the poverty trap. All these hardships are hampering investment, both domestic and foreign in employment generating sectors, i. There are reports that a number of textile manufacturers have relocated their industry in other countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Tanzania etc.

The Government and the economic managers should be mindful of the fact that de-industrialization has heavy toll on the social development of a society.

current affairs of pakistan 2014 essay help

When a factory is shut down either temporarily because of frequent power outages or permanently shifted to another destination—hundreds and thousands of households are forced to starve until their bread-winners have a new job.

Apart from its implications on human development, de-industrialization or low industrial growth has serious repercussions for over-all economic development.

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Economic survey of Pakistan has estimated that the manufacturing sector is employing 14 percent of the workforce, and contributing about 63 percent of taxes and making 25 percent of the GDP.

Another equally neglected area is the agriculture sector that employs 45 percent of the workforce contributes 22 percent to the GDP and paying only 1 percent in income tax. This sector requires urgent reforms in terms of redistribution of cultivable land, bringing the sector into the tax net and improving the lot of the less fortunate peasantry.

But added value of the crops jumped to Rs. Inspite of this increase in value, no additional taxes are forthcoming. Moreover, the substantial share of profits from agricultural proceeds is pocketed by landed gentry. More often than not, they are at the driving seat of the political system of the state as well.

The land mafia is running the political show of the country in a way that furthers its vested interests. They discourage social and infrastructure development projects in their areas rather fiefdoms.Context: India and Pakistan will hold a meeting of the Permanent Indus Commission to discuss various issues under the Indus Waters Treaty.

Key facts: This will be the th meeting of the Permanent Indus Commission (PIC), which should meet at least once a year as per the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT). Re possible reasons for passivism: my personal one is that I had tried activism a few times over the years, and it backfired in various traumatic and unexpected ways, even though my words and actions were indistinguishable (to me) from those taken by other, much more successful activists.

Essay with outline on Economic Problems of Pakistan. Pakistan is facing a challenging economic out-look decisive and far-reaching policy action is needed to address this challenging out-look.

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