Analysis of salman rushdies midnights children

The protagonist and narrator of the story is Saleem Sinaiborn at the exact moment when India became an independent country. He was born with telepathic powers, as well as an enormous and constantly dripping nose with an extremely sensitive sense of smell. The novel is divided into three books.

Analysis of salman rushdies midnights children

November 29, Final Paper: Rushdie and Saleem each have their own unique histories, which play a part in the construction of this novel. Saleem drifts between his present, his own past, and past events which are not part of his direct experience. Saleem, however, is the narrator, and his choices and admissions reveal the fluidity of memory as well as the choices that one makes in remembering the past in a particular way.

Rushdie challenges the reader to reflect on why Saleem records the past in the way that he does and why he is the voice for the birth of a nation.

Additionally, Saleem uses the narrative to construct his own identity by connecting memory and self to the new nation, India. Speaker Analysis of salman rushdies midnights children and audience e.

Analysis of salman rushdies midnights children

The author, Rushdie, writes a novel that is a memoir written by a character, Saleem Sinai. Saleem seems to record everything, but he cannot commit every thought and action to paper. Rushdie, through Saleem, is making choices about what he should and should not record.

Rushdie is writing about India and Saleem is writing about his experiences as one of the midnight children.

Saleem, in turn, builds his narrative from memory. Both the reclaiming of land and the reclaiming of memory are monumental tasks with the former challenging physicality and the latter challenging the psychosocial experiences of the author who in turn applies these to a fictional narrator.

The task of reclaiming the past is as problematic as traveling through time. Traveling to the past can create a paradox.

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Memories, recalled by the narrator or authorreplay on the stage of the mind. One may relive the past, focus on the elements of an exchange, or zoom in on a particular character. The reality that he witnesses in the present does not match his expectations and imaginings of the past.

Saleem and his narrative represent one of these possibilities. Through the narrative, Rushdie establishes his connection to his past and his belief that he has a legitimate claim to the place of his birth.

Rushdie is the successful native who left India for a Western education. He gains notoriety through his writing in the West. The native intellectual who comes back to his people by way of cultural achievements behaves in fact like a foreigner.

Sometimes he has no hesitation in using a dialect in order to show his will to be as near as possible to the people; but the ideas that he expresses and the preoccupations he is taken up with have no common yardstick to measure the real situation which the men and the women of his country know Fanon He also uses words, foods, and locations that are native to India.

Rushdie feels nostalgia for India and Bombay, the city in which he grew up. This is why I made my narrator, Saleem, suspect in his narration, his mistakes are the mistakes of a fallible memory compounded by quirks of character and of circumstance, and his vision is fragmentary.

Memory is selective and it can be edited for improvisation. This is the nature of telling stories in general. This is an extreme example, but the point is that access to memories and the re-memory of memories may be incomplete, fuzzy, and embellished by the individual.

This process creates a space that is not really the past, but it is not really the present either. It is a compromise between the two. There is a strong example where Saleem rejects what he sees because of the horror of the situation.

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Saleem could not believe that his fellow Pakistani soldiers were capable of the killing and raping that was taking place. He is giving the reader a multi-track recording of his memory.

One track is his emotional disbelief of what was taking place. Another track is what he actually saw regardless of whether or not he believes it to have taken place. These tracks are synced and played back for the reader in the text. Family history, of course, has its proper dietary laws.

One is supposed to swallow and digest only the permitted parts of it, the halal portions of the past, drained of their redness, their blood. Unfortunately, this makes the stories less juicy; so I am about to become the first and only member of my family to flout the laws of halal.

In this regard, he breaks with tradition so that he can more fully relate the story that he has to tell.Home Television Salman Rushdie’s ‘Midnight’s Children’ Set as Netflix TV Series (Exclusive) Salman Rushdie’s ‘Midnight’s Children’ Set as Netflix TV Series (Exclusive) June 29, Realhollywoodnews Staff Television 0.

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Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children: Summary In Midnight’s Children, Salman Rushdie creates a place of belonging through the acts of his narrator’s imagination. Romanticizing the Bombay of his childhood, Rushdie is in many ways restoring the past to himself.

Midnight’s Children straddles multiple genres, including magical realism, surrealism, comedy and tragedy, in an effort to reflect how a nation, particularly one as diverse as India, can’t be. With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability.

Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Salman rushdies novel ‘midnights children set as, an original series based on salman rushdie's seminal novel midnight's children, about india's transition from .

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