A survivors account of the events of the civil war

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A survivors account of the events of the civil war

Here are 15 people who not only made history, but got to tell the tale for decades to come.


During the Revolutionary War he was both a militia member and a privateer. But after the war ended his life went back to normal. Hewes became a celebrity, had two biographies published, sat for his portrait, and was the guest of honor at a prestigious Fourth of July celebration.

A survivors account of the events of the civil war

He died inaged One messenger, Pantites, was sent to deliver a letter and missed the fight. When he returned and found himself in disgrace, he hanged himself. Aristodemus and Eurytus were excused from fighting when they both came down with eye infections.

According to Herodotus who you have to take with a big grain of saltEurytus ran to the battle when he heard his fellow warriors were being slaughtered, but Aristodemus stayed behind.

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The Spartans were so disappointed in his perceived cowardice that they gave him the ultimate punishment: Keeping him alive to live with the shame. In America, things seem to have gone well for her. She eventually married and had eight children as well as 50 grandchildren, living to the ripe old age of InDaniel Bakeman finally applied for a military pension, even though his service had been almost 90 years before.

At that point he claimed to beand was when he died two years later. In spite of the danger of his activities, he survived the war, got involved in politics, and died in at the age of This would make him four years older than the oldest verified person ever recorded. However, there is evidence he was born almost 20 years later than he said, which would make his claims of fighting in the French Revolution suspect.

He did serve during the Napoleonic wars, though, and was highly decorated. He was captured by the Russians and after the wars were over he decided to stay in that country. If he did fight during the Revolution, he was the longest living veteran by miles. Neugin, who rode in a wagon, brought her pet duck with her for companionship, but it died on the way; she still remembered that pain when interviewed in her 90s.

She eventually married, had two children, and died in at age But when she died in agedpeople believed that Eliza Moore was the last person to have been born into slavery in the U.

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She married another slave and was probably owned by a Dr. After the war ended, she and her husband became sharecroppers and may have had two children. But one of the participants, Raymond Kaighnloved the game and was instrumental in organizing the first ever college game three years later.

He stayed in sports his whole life, playing, coaching, and working for the YMCA. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame for his participation in that first game, and when he died in aged 92, he was the only one of the original 18 left. When the Wright brothers came to Kitty Hawk to try out their new machine, Moore just happened to be walking along the beach.

He came over to see what was going on, thought it sounded interesting, and stuck around.Summary Of Events and Dates Of The American Civil War The Civil War was fought from April to April Civil War January: The South Secedes.

Civil War Timeline. Account of the 21st Wisconsin Infantry Regiment’s harrowing fight. December 31–January 2. The Sierra Leone Civil War (–) began on 23 March when the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), with support from the special forces of Charles Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), intervened in Sierra Leone in an attempt to overthrow the Joseph Momoh government.

The resulting civil war lasted 11 years, enveloped the country, and left over 50, dead. The longest lived veteran of the War of Independence was just a teenager when he signed up to fight, but he lived to see the end of the Civil War, and then some. The following is a list of last survivors of notable historical and cultural events, excluding wars, which are covered in separate lists that can be found in the See also section.

A survivors account of the events of the civil war

Deceased Living. The Last Civil War Veterans: The Lives of the Final Survivors, State by State [Frank L. Grzyb] on initiativeblog.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. "It really matters very little who died last, " wrote Civil War historian William Marvel, "but for some reason we seem fascinated with knowing." Drawing on a wide range of sources including correspondence with descendants.

The Galactic Civil War (0 BBY-5 ABY), was a five-year galactic power struggle in which the Alliance to Restore the Republic waged a rebellion against the ruling Galactic Empire in an attempt to restore democratic rule to the galaxy. The origins of rebellion could be traced to the Clone Wars.

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