A concept paper describing two discretionary situations for a police chief

Download this Term Paper in word format. This alternative essentially redistributes some of the power within the department in order to facilitate more successful service in individual communities.

A concept paper describing two discretionary situations for a police chief

Iron working is approximately 30 times more deadly than being a police officer. You already embarrassed yourself with the iron worker quip. John Permalink my point is Robert that every job has it innate safety hazards and that no number or statistic will ever prove to me that policing is not dangerous.

A concept paper describing two discretionary situations for a police chief

Do i think iron working is dangerous? Also… does your stats show the amount of Training, Education, Skill is needed to do said job? Yes, LE is dangerous. However, the danger is grossly over estimated and talked up. Depending on the position the iron worker is in, they have to worry about the safety of many people.

Iron working goes beyond simple welding. They have to navigate complex, hectic work sites with equipment and materials that are in motion and that way tens of thousands of pounds. Most police officers do not have to face the public. The stories the media covers are a minute portion of available cases that could be covered, both good and bad.

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Labor jobs, especially heavily unionized ones, require all sorts of training and qualifications. John Permalink I can honestly say that i do not have the knowledge of the day to days of an Iron Worker but i do have the common sense to know it is more than just simple welding, which in itself is dangerous.

Tell me what police officer never faces the public? In some aspects, being a cop can be more difficult and more dangerous than being a soldier on the front lines. I usually could tell who the enemy was, who wished harm on me or my fellow soldiers.

It is different as a cop. It is the same with policing as it is with iron working when you say it is depending on the position. Standards are set much higher for a cop to complete his job more than an iron worker who is back by a union to complete theirs.

These high standards also take a toll on us as cops as well. I am the only one on in my small town every time i work. We have 6 officers including myself in my jurisdictional area and other than the Chief, I am the only one who is a full time officer. If i am sick, exhausted, hurt… I still have to work.

I cannot call out sick. In a place that does Iron working for instance. If that was the case. It sounds like you are talking about dealing with people on the street. Its definitely turning out the LEO was clearly appropriate in using lethal force in the case despite what the public or media think.

I assume most differences are likely due to time and area of deployment. Much of Iraq and Afghanistan have had a policing duty flavor, on steroids, than traditional war. Continuing with the iron working comparison, standards depend on the job. Yes, your standards can make for increased dangerous situations.

That is the bottom line. Whatever standards or circumstances make your job dangerous, you are still half as likely to become a fatality as a result of your employment than as non-LE people.

I can understand the obsession with wanting to minimize your exposure to danger. I was born and raised in rural America haha.Police Discretion in Contemporary America Bernice B.

Young, B.A. Mentor: Elizabeth M. Duke, Ph.D. the two most common interactions between police and citizens, the traffic stop and situations In these complicated situations, police have to decide between proper and. Term Paper Discretion Police Chiefs and Discretionary and 90,+ more term papers written by professionals and your peers.

Discretion Police Chiefs and Discretionary Term Paper; Discretionary Situations for a Police Chief Discretion in the Police Department Discretionary Situations in Criminal Arrests: "Stop" and "Frisk," Racial. CAUTION: This paper must reflect the discretion exercised by the chief of police in his/her capacity as a police administrator.

Situations describing the discretion of a . Michael J. Ward, MGA, MIFireE, FACPE, has experience in fire operations, Emergency Medical Services, training, and academia.

Ward worked in an urban county fire and rescue department in suburban Washington DC, retiring as a Captain II.

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